08 November, 2011

First Post--Small Disclaimer

Okay, so by now you've realized I'm not doing a traditional blog, i.e. a post every few days or once a week.

Instead, I'm going to be a creative right-brained music major and just post pictures on here of the important things I've done. Auch was finde ich mich interessant.

However, I'll have a lot more in higher-res if you wish to have a particular one(like picturesque views). They look to be pretty suitable v. Facebook, though.

I'd be happy to answer questions, and I'm sure I'll have a few blurbs of text here and there from time to time.

Danke schön und bis bald,


Schreiben Sie bitte mir nach meinem neuen "Google Apps Account", wenn Sie Fragen oder Kommentaren über mein Blog haben: stevenrussellburg@googlemail.com

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